Handmade and Authentic Italian Cuisine

Located in Market Street in Newbury, only few minutes away from all local anmeties, Mio Fiore offers fresh authentic food from all the regions of Italy.  Our chefs pride themselves to cooking with only fine and freshiest ingridients to serve simple but yet most authentic Italian food.
Our pizzas are 100% handmade, tasty and easily digestable thanks to a dough that is matured over night. Our pizzas are baked on our wood oven, creating a soft delicious light rustic crust, all made in a open pizza bar.

Monday to Friday 12pm to 5pm
  2 Course Set menu

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Mio Fiore Coffee Beans

A mix of Drago Mocambo & Brasilia beans, Mio Fiore coffee is an expression of the classic Italian espresso presenting full body, thick hazelnut coloured crema, and an irresistible bold aroma. In the cup you should expect notes of nuts, no acidity at all, buttery texture, and dark chocolate after taste.*
*It can be purchased from our restaurant £5.25 for 250mg bag.